Why are we here?

Beyond the philosophical ramifications of this universal question lies an innate desire to be involved with innovation for our team.

Our passion is to be at the forefront of pioneering medical technologies, and be the ones to introduce them to new markets.

If you have a medical device, a product, a service, a concept, or even simply an interest to explore newer avenues, we can provide the legs to make it work.

Our network of distribution channels and service providers enables us to reach out to all kinds of end-users and customers, whilst touching base with our clientele.

We can support your commercial interests while pursuing our common goals of contributing to the society in the medical sector.

And if that effort brings about an enhancement of quality of health and life, then it'd have been all worth it.



School friends-turned business partners, Akshat and Kumar share a passion for discovering and partaking in innovation.


Director - Business Development

Kumar brings along a ton of experience and life lessons when it comes to dealing with CNC Machines & Technologies in the field of Metal cutting and related CAD/CAM & Probing software. His tenure in USA during his B. S. Electronics Engineering have also helped him acquire a worldly perspective which favour his keen business acumen. His experience of being at the helm of such a business for more than a decade gives this venture a solidarity and trust on all fronts. 
He handles the CRM in South-East Asia and the Indian subcontinent.


Director - Technical & Acquisition

Akshat is a trained engineer in the field of medical technology, and has been working as a developer in the hubs of medical innovation in Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. In addition to his technical expertise, he is also experienced in the practices of trade for medical devices. His work has taken him to further important commercial centers such as USA and Australia.
He maintains client relations whilst based in Europe.